Our Recipes

Bread Pakora The humble breakfast for many, and at times the perfect companion to a rainy evening, bread pakoras have fans all …

Shahi Tukda Shahi Tukda is one of the most popular sweets originating from Hyderabad, especially at weddings. However, ones with a sweet …

Russian Sandwich This low-calorie version of the ever-popular Russian Sandwich will surely turn out to be a pleasant surprise for you. The …

Bread Pizzas Bread pizzas are a quick do-it-yourself alternative for regular pizzas. Since most of the ingredients for this open sandwich are …

Our Range of Delicious Products

Jumbo Sandwich Bread

600 Gms ( Rs. 40/- )

Fresh n Soft Bread

500 Gms ( Rs. 35/-)

Whole Wheat Bread

400 Gms ( Rs. 30/-)

Multi-Grain Big Bread

400 Gms ( Rs. 40/-)

Premium Bake Bread

400 Gms ( Rs. 30/-)

Multi Grain Small Bread

300 Gms ( Rs. 30/-)

Everytime Bread

300 Gms ( Rs. 23/-)

Milk Super Gold Bread

250 Gms ( Rs. 23/-)


Best Fruit Cake I've ever had even after all my travels across India & Nepal, having it till date ever since I was born and it still tastes the same. Please don't ever change the taste of your fruit cake.

Rishab Sharma

I spent my childhood by eating this bread and cake, quality is best and it still tastes the same.

Purva Jingar

Excellent Quality Bread and Bakery Products.

Bhuvnesh Sharma Bhuvi

Best Bread and Bakery Products of Kota. Specially Milk Super Bread and Amool Cake.

Shankar Lal Mayani