We introduce ourselves as one of the largest manufacturer of Bread & Bakery Products Organization. The establishment of the unit was in 1974 as Amool K. Bakers which is the finest quality Bread and Bakery manufacturing concern, conveniently located right in the heart of a bustling industrial estate i.e. Kota City of Rajasthan. The Registered Head Office and Works of the same is situated at 19-20, Furniture Industrial Area, Kota, Rajasthan, India Р324007.

The unit is manufacturing all types of Breads in various sizes along with other Bakery items like Pav, Sweet Buns, Pizza Base, Fruit Buns, Burger Buns, Rusks & Toasts (Suji Rusk, Tilli Rusk, Fruit Rusk, Milk Rusk, Elaichi Rusk and Saunf Rusk], Biscuits, Fruit Cakes, Khari n Puffs, Cream-Rolls, etc. in different sizes & packaging.

The products are made in state of the art environment friendly automatic plant in hygienic conditions. The Manufacturing unit is established on an adequate building area and has appointed skilled staff and professionals to look after important areas and functions. The other infrastructure facilities i.e. transport, power, water and other facilities are in place to cater to the existing as well as future requirements of the unit.

The products of the company are well in demand and enjoy good brand image in the market as they are well established in the market in terms of their quality, price and service and command brand equity in the market. The Marketing network is spread in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The products are distributed in these states through a chain of distributors and retailers.